Tantrums in 5 Year Olds

How to stop Tantrums in 5 year olds Tantrums in 5 year olds can be frustrating to parents.  Imagine how much more frustrating it is for your child who is getting to know the world around them.

They are learning to speak but still need other methods to communicate, one being a tantrum. Not being able to communicate can make your toddler furious, knowing what they want to say but not knowing how to get you to understand.  Many of these tantrums can be avoided by paying attention to the basic needs of a child.

Routine Is What Keeps Tantrums in 5 Year Olds 

Toddlers thrive on schedules. They like to know what to expect, and they look forward to their routine. Routine provides a sense of security for many children.

Consequently, toddler teterrible twosmper tantrums can be caused by extreme deviations from what they are accustomed to doing. By following a daily schedule, frustrations can be limited and some tantrums may be avoided.

It’s important to make sure that toddlers get a sufficient amount of rest. They need to have a scheduled bedtime in the evening that allows them to get at least eight hours of sleep. Although toddlers aren’t babies anymore, they still can benefit from a nap during the day, too.

The Small Thing Can Prevent Tantrums 

Tantrums in 5 year olds could be avoided when you look for minor signs of fatigue, such as eye rubbing, whining, and yawning, throughout the day is helpful before a major sign, a tantrum, occurs. When these minor signs appear, children should be encouraged to nap.

Some tantrums can be avoided by making sure toddlers aren’t hungry. A hungry child cannot be as attentive or self-controlled as a full child. Toddlers need three meals and two or more snacks each day. Caregivers should carry nutritious snacks with them at all times.

Having raisins, crackers, or apple slices handy can make the difference between a child kicking and screaming in a shopping mall or patiently waiting while clothes are being purchased.

If You What To Resolve The Tantrums in 5 Year Olds…

I highly recommend you check out my review of the audio course “Dealing with the Terrible Twos” here. It will teach you everything you need to know to stop those awful temper tantrums for good.

In many cases, toddler temper tantrums can be prevented by being attentive to children’s needs. Following a schedule, enforcing bedtimes, encouraging naptimes, and providing meals and snacks for toddlers can help reduce tantrums caused by insecurity, tiredness, and hunger.

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